Monday, June 25, 2012

Dirty Bathroom Guy

Dirty Bathroom Guy is so sweet, hot, fun, famous; too bad his Bathroom is a natural disaster.  Red Flag.  I told him who are you dating Hurricane Katrina!  I can't even shower there.  He got into my car which was brave of him.  My car looks like I've been dating Hurricane Katrina's brother.  I did clean my car and water came out of my tires.  I had to get 4 new tires.  I told Dirty Bathroom Guy to clean his bathroom.  Elephant in the bathtub; pewbs in the sink; you can't turn the light on; I went to shut the bathroom door and it fell off.  Good Times:)  Dirty Bathroom Guys.  Red Flag.  Come on guys if you want to get laid or blow jobs in your shower....clean your bathrooms:)  Public Service Announcement to all Dirty Bathroom Guys.  Get your shit together...Ladies want to be treated like ladies, we don't want to look at your shit in the toilet or see your neighbors shit when there is a plumbing problem.  Dirty Bathroom Guys.  Red Flag. 

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