Saturday, March 10, 2012

Red Flag "Don't put Hummus on your Risotto in Sicily"

I nicknamed by buddy in Sicily Kitchen Natzi.   You can't cook in his kitchen which is fine by me because he's an amazing chef and I love to watch him cook.  The way he makes tomato sauce it's like he's performing heart surgery.  Everything he cooks is fabulous.  His friend brought Hummus from Israel to Sicily.  I love Hummus.  I know I shouldn't put Hummus on my friend's amazing Risotto he made because that's a crime in Sicily.  I didn't think he could see me because I was sitting at one end of the table in the dark outside/candlelight dinner and he was at the other end of the table.  His friend yells to him in Italian she's putting hummus on your risotto.  Italian Drama.  I'm a Red Flag in Sicily.  I was getting calls from friends in London and amazing Frank from France worried about me having heard I put hummus on the risotto in Sicily.  Don't put Hummus on your risotto in Sicily and get caught by the cute Kitchen Natzi.  Red Flag.  Good times:)

My comedy short film @Flappers New Media Film Festival

Thank all the cast, crew, and everyone's support for coming out to Flappers New Media Film Festival on March 4th....super excited my film advanced to the final round:)  Please check it out on and vote funny:) Ep1 Bank Robbers

Oscar animation nominees at the Academy in February Good Times:)