Monday, June 25, 2012

My boyfriend asks some other girl to Vegas

My boyfriend tells me he asked some other girl to Vegas because he didn't think I could go.  Red Flag.  He asks me if he would of asked me could I have gone.  I didn't make the Vegas rotation people.  I'm delayed reaction....I tell him have fun.  I don't know how to feel or communicate my feelings so I tell him Vegas is always a good time last time I went to Vegas I got so drunk I drove off in a cab without the cab driver.  I think I left the cab at Hard Rock Casino.  I can't remember.  The only thing I remember was my friends, who I nicknamed "the Margarita Sisters"(all they drink are Margaritas) got kicked out of the Hard Rock Casino.  That's talent people.  My boyfriend gets bummed out because I act like I don't care and says this girl invited herself to go with him.  Now he's changing his story.  The fact was he didn't ask me to go to Vegas.  If you want to ask a girl to Vegas don't tell her you invited some other girl to Vegas but if she was free could she have gone.  Red Flag.  My boyfriend/Exboyfriend/ Red Flag...again...Good Times:)

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