Saturday, April 21, 2012

Red Flag "Ticks Are Dicks"

Did you ever sleep with someone and then wake up asking yourself what happened?  At least if alcohol's involved....blame it on alcohol?

WTF!  I slept with a tick.  The tick was so quiet I didn't even know he was there.  No, I didn't mean to write dick instead of tick.  This tick was a dick.  He was a pain in my side nagging at me all day/night, stalked me in my shower, game killer at the bars in Venice.  How did I end up sleeping with a tick?  Don't film or hike in Temescal Canyon right now....apparently it's invested with ticks.  I didn't even know what a tick looked like until it spent the night, got all needy, and sucked my blood like a vampire.  Instead of Hunger Games I was in the Tick Games this week.  At first I thought the tick was a thorn when I was pulling it out of my body and when it moved it had spiderlike legs....holy shit....I'm turning into an alien/spiderwoman/WTF is happening.  This was really happening....Thank goodness for ER doctors especially Dr. Joe, who subscribed antibiotics so I don't get lime disease.  Ticks.  Red Flag.  At least the tick wasn't as painful as the sea urchin that got stuck in my foot when I was windsurfing in Maui.  I had to get the sea urchin lasered out of my foot.  Good times:)

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