Thursday, April 19, 2012

Red Flag "Kissing Bandit"

The Kissing Bandit, who made out with two girls on his way to the bathroom and then two more girls at the Bar in Venice was so entertaining.  Clearly, we are going out again.  The Kissing Bandit calls me up and wants to go out again.  I changed my mind....He was so entertaining I went out with him again to see what was going to happen this time.  He asks me if I have any Anphetamines(no time to check the spelling my apologies if I spelled it wrong)....this is the second guy who has asked me this week for Anphetamines.  I'm so naive I'm thinking that was in my allergy/sinus cold medication.  He says that's so cute because I have no idea it's speed/pcp.  The Kissing Bandit/Addicted to Speed rallies to meet at a fun bar and he didn't even make out with any girls at the bar or on his way to the bathroom, no entertainment factor, tired guy.  The date with the Kissing Bandit was a total bust.  Kissing Bandit.  Red Flag.  Good times:)

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