Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Red Flag "Making Out with Other Girls On his way to the bathroom & at the bar"

I just went out on a date with the Kissing Bandit.  The Kissing Bandit might be more talented then the Dutch Guy, who got a DUI in his garage.  The Kissing Bandit and I are at a bar and on his way to the bathroom makes out with two girls.  Red Flag.  Then he goes to order us drinks and makes out with two other girls at the bar.  Red Flag.  I'm across the bar thinking this is hilarious....when did this guy start drinking....The Kissing Bandit reminded me of my best friend Dan, who motor boated the bartender at the Side Door....

Finally, the Kissing Bandit after kissing half the bar brings me my glass of wine like nothing happened.  Then he asks me to go home with him.  Clearly, not happening....this is our first and last date.  Good Times:)  Drunk Kissing Bandit.   Red Flag:)  I wonder what he's like sober he was very entertaining will give him that much:)

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