Friday, July 6, 2012

Red Flag Dates: Guy buying shoes for some other girl

This guy asks me out on a date only to go shopping to buy some other girl a pair of shoes. Red Flag. I didn't make the shoe cut people. I know it's not fair to him to assume he's with shoe girl. What guy buys shoes for another girl unless he is sleeping with her or wants too. I'm not stupid what does he think I'm stupid; he's stupid. I have brothers; i feel taking your date to buy shoes for another girl is weird. I am delayed reaction and learning to communicate so I can't communicate my feelings which are hurt & upset. I don't care that he wasn't buying me shoes it was the fact he was buying some other girl shoes; way to make a lady feel special. Then he asks me what shoe size I am; I say eight or eight and a half. He asks me would I want the shoe to fit bigger or tighter. I told him I like a shoe that fits. He got upset and said I was too difficult to buy shoes for. Red Flag. When is wanting your shoes to fit equal difficult. We had fun before but this date was a total bust. I just wanted to leave. He wants me to go up to his place. I go up to his place only to hear him call her that he got a surprise for her and to come by. Guy who buys shoes for for another girl while on a date. Red Flag.

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