Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Red Flag Date "Kindergarten Guy"

I went out with this guy, who keeps asking me Kindergarten questions; what is my favorite color?  He told me I wasn't relationship material because he didn't like my favorite color.  My favorite color is black so he got insecure.  Kindergarten Guy.  Red Flag.  Good times:)


  1. Is Kindergarden guy the new age nuisance who wants to discover your favourite colour to make sure they match? Def run from this guy he could be carefully disguised as one of the other red flags like "Half Gay Guy". Or maybe he is actually disguised as "New Age Guy" hoping you will reveal an active tantra bedroom type if you answer red or purple which is far more likely the answer he is after. Look up the answer black for tantra bedroom colors which could explain his insecure behaviour!! Either case best not to accept a second date from this guy he is def out! Red flag red flag!

    1. He's definitely Kindergarten Guy no tantra knowledge by him:)