Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Red Flag "Rocket Scientist Kinda Gay"

Happy New Year to everyone:)  I hope you are well.  I am finally on my blog my apologies.  I was tied up producing/AD on a feature film so it's been nuts.  Back to Red Flags:) I was trying to date someone, who actually lived in LA.  I met this cool Rocket Scientist at a film screening he builds rockets that go up to space which I thought was super cool and he seemed cool:)  I went to his work and saw all the spaceships it's like Star Wars:)  Things were going well until he told me he went hiking with this guy in Laguna Mountains on a Friday night, then they watched the sunset, had dinner and drinks together.  I'm thinking what are you guys on a date?  Sounds kinda gay because it is:)  Ignore Red Flags.  I go to his Rocket Space Party since they launched a new rocket and he's telling his friend Todd that he had sexy hair and he's super hot.  Red Flag.   I was offended because he never told me I had sexy hair.  At least he has good taste; Todd was hot and did have sexy hair.  I was thinking that but the Rocket Scientist is the one saying it out loud.  He tells me the bottle of champagne I gave him he drank with Todd in his car.  Red Flag.  We were supposed to drink the champagne.  After that I didn't care and he didn't care because he likes Todd.  I lost out to a guy named Todd.  I think I am popular with gay guys because I look like Cher, Lady Gaga, and talk like Miley Cyrus.  "Rocket Scientist" Red Flag.  Good Times:)

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