Monday, July 4, 2011

Red Flag "Penis Pusher"

I had a really bad date with my ex-boyfriend.  I wanted to go out and get drunk and make some bad decisions.  Mission Accomplished.  I was dancing to an awesome band alone on the dance floor.  I met this hot guy, who I bought a drink for and then he hits on some other girl.  Red Flag.  I was dancing with other guys but reconnected with the hot guy over another glass of wine.  The bar's closing and he invites me to a party except the party was in his bed.  Red Flag.  We are sitting on his bed and he pushes my head to his penis.  Red Flag.  I nicknamed hot guy "Penis Pusher".  Penis Pusher pushes my head down to his lap.  I tell him I know where your penis is I choose not to give you a blow job especially when you push my head down to your penis.  Red Flag.  I can't meet a guy and then just hook up unless I'm in a foreign country.  Everyone should have sex in a foreign country.  I pass out with Penis Pusher and wake up to the voice of his mother.
Penis Pusher he's still asking for a blow job.  I tell him you're still not a gentleman.  I had to get out of there asap I didn't want to meet Penis Pusher's mother.  Penis Pusher.  Red Flag.

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