Thursday, October 13, 2011

Did you ever date someone and you didn't make the cut because the Italian/Swiss guy wants to date a whore...How come I never get to be the whore?

Did you ever date someone and you didn't make the cut?  Italian/Swiss Guy comes to LA from Switzerland to tell me he needs to be dating a whore.  Red Flag.  Good to know.  I'm thinking why didn't he just call me to tell me this.  Then I thought why can't I be the whore?  I never get to be the whore then I thought it's way too much effort.  Italian/Swiss guy tells me no guys will tell you they want to date a whore; that's because it's a deal breaker.  Italian/Swiss guy tells me at least he's honest that is true but he's acting as if I should give him a gold medal for honest whore dating.  I realize in relationships I never break up I just move.  I should of seen the red flags.  Italian/Swiss Guy has a stripper pole in his living room; he doesn't even have to go to a strip club he just wakes up and goes to his living room.  Strip Club.  He told me he has his stripper pole because he's practicing he's an amateur fireman.  Italian/Swiss guy.  Red Flag.  Good times:)  We've been friends since Hawaii so the Italian/Swiss guy he should of been here when my Brazilian friends were in town:)  I love my Brazilian friends always ask is this outfit too short.  You are wearing a belt.  I'm sure you will be the most popular girl out tonight.  Everyone should go to Brazil sexy country and beautiful people:)  Good Times:)

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