Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Red Flag "Bailer Extraordinaire"

I met this really cool, cute, funny, Italian guy at a digital conference.  Italian Guy was so fun I had a drink with him and his fun friends.  Italian Guy wanted me to think of anything I wanted to do in New York on a date.  I told him I already did everything I wanted in New York.  Italian Guy's telling me how we are going to be living together, get married, I'm thinking is he nuts or just drunk.  I told Italian Guy I wrote off Italian guys; the last Italian guy had a stripper pole in his living room.  Italian Guy tells me "I'm not from Italy."  I tell him that's even worse because then he can't cook.  Italian Guy convinces me to go to this party at his friend's house but promised me he would drive me back to my car at the digital conference.  I was excited to go to the party.  Italian Guy drives me to his friend's house, there's no party then bails on me.  Red Flag.   Italian guy becomes Bailer Extraordinaire.  Red Flag.  Bailer Extraordinaire does blow with his friend in his bathroom all night.  Red Flag.  Bailer Extraordinaire finally comes out of the bathroom, he's out of his mind, twitching, can't talk.  Red Flag.  I don't know why he even invited me over.  I want to leave and Bailer Extraordinaire leaves without me.   Red Flag.  I told Bailer Extraordinaire," thank you for reminding me not to date Italian guys".  Bailer Extraordinaire.  Red Flag.

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