Sunday, May 29, 2011

Red Flag "Toilet Clogger"

I met this really cute, fun, funny actor.  He was a dream except for he kept clogging my toilet.  I nicknamed him Toilet Clogger.  My Apartment Manager kept having to rescue my toilet from Toilet Clogger.  I think my toilet was having anxiety.  Red Flag.  I invited Toilet Clogger to my friend's film screening and he got all possessive on me and wasn't nice to my male film colleagues.  Red Flag.  After the film screening and party, Toilet Clogger and I went back to my place.  Toilet Clogger's in my bathroom, runs out of toilet paper, uses all my kleenex, he clogs my toilet again.  I thought it was so funny he comes out of the bathroom in a panic yelling,"Your toilet's clogged."  Toilet Clogger acts as if it's my toilets fault.  I'm laughing thinking it's funny that Toilet Clogger is blaming my toilet for clogging the toilet.  I tell Toilet Clogger "make sure everything goes down".  It was a disaster.  I had to call my Apartment Manager for help and get a new toilet.  I decided I wasn't going to put up with Toilet Clogger getting all possessive on me, not being nice to my friends, or any of his shit, and I didn't want to look at it literally either.  Toilet Clogger Red Flag.   My Apartment Manager was so happy when I stopped dating Toilet Clogger and so was my new toilet.  Too bad he had to get so possessive on me; he was so cute:)

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