Monday, May 16, 2011

Red Flag "Danny the Dog Stealer"

Did you ever date someone that stole something from you?  If you're going to steal something from me...steal something that I am not going to notice....change...pennies, nickles, dimes....not my dog...I love my dog.  My boyfriend Danny the Dog Stealer takes my dog hostage.  I broke up with Danny the Dog Stealer.  Red Flag.  Danny tells me "Victoria I'm not giving your dog back until we get back together.   I'm thinking psycho...there's nothing that says I love you; let's get back together like stealing someone's dog.  Danny writes me a ransom note.  I sent him a $200.00 psycho therapy bill....Psycho!  Danny the Dog Stealer moved to Colorado with my dog...may lightning strike him and I hope my dog runs away.  Who steals someone's dog?  Red Flag.  My grandpa's neighbors in Colorado stole my grandpa's dog when they moved...who steals a ninety-eight year old man's dog...My grandpa loved his dog and ended up in the hospital; died of a broken heart.  My grandpa loved his dog more than my grandma.  I hope my grandpa's dog ran away from those psychos.  What's up with people from Colorado stealing dogs?  Red Flag.

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