Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Red Flag "Hot Half Gay Guy"

I had a crush on this really cool, funny, smart, hot guy at grad school and he went to great lengths to get me out of my clothes only because he wanted to wear them.  Red Flag.  He tells me over Martini's he's Half Gay.  I'm thinking Half Gay which half?  If he's gay on top that's cool then he's super ripped, fit, six pack, and if he's straight on the bottom I can work with that.  I ask him Half Gay what do you mean?  You date guys half the week.   You suck dick part time; you only lick balls.  He tells me he blames his five sisters for being Half Gay because they would talk about cock all the time.  Why did I have to fall for the one Hot Half Gay Gay in my class?  We had so much fun together I over looked all the Red Flags.  I should of seen the Red Flags because after we would leave the bars he would get hot guys phone numbers.  I thought he was being friendly.  At least he had good taste I thought these guys were hot too.  Later, when we would get back to his place he would want to bake cookies.  Red Flag.  We could of been having sex but we were baking cookies.  That makes a lot of sense to me.  Red Flag.  One night he went to great lengths to get me out of my vintage dress only because he wanted to wear it.  The worst part about it was he looked better in my dress than I did.  Red Flag.  I can't date Hot Half Gay Guy and lose out to some guy named Chuck.  Red Flag.    

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