Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Red Flag "No Dance Guy"

I met this really cute, fun, Artsy Guy.  My neighbor was getting married and she told me her wedding was going to suck because there was going to be no cute guys, not even the groom, and I better bring a date.  I hate weddings and never bring a date to a wedding.  The only time, I wanted to bring a date was to my sister's wedding.  I asked my boyfriend at the time but my mom's so controlling.  My Mom tells me," Victoria, you can't bring a date to your sister's wedding.  You have to much to do you're the Maid Of Honor".  I'm thinking are you kidding me, other people get to bring dates to my sister's wedding except for the sister of the bride.  I hadn't asked a guy to a wedding since my sister's wedding and for some reason I was really shy and couldn't admit we were going to a wedding.    I originally asked Alejandro from Argentina super hot and loves to dance to go to my neighbor's wedding but he never got back to me.  I had a crush on Artsy Guy so I asked Artsy Guy "Hey, do you want to go to this thing with free food, drinks, and dancing".  Artsy Guy, "What thing?"  I tell him it's this thing for my neighbor,  you gotta wear a suit, if that's cool?"  Artsy Guy, "Okay."  Artsy Guy shows up in a tight suit, hung over, and two left feet.  My neighbor's wedding looked like a scene from a wedding out of the movie The Wedding Singer.  My neighbor was right her wedding sucked because she didn't want to get married to Angry Uptight Guy.  Red Flag.  All I wanted to do was dance and Artsy Guy turns out he's No Dance Guy.  Red Flag.  I lived in Argentina we come out of the womb dancing and doing the Tango.  I can't go out with No Dance Guy.  Red Flag.  The entire night No Dance Guy is complaining he's hung over, hates to dance, his suit's too tight.  No Dance Guy was no fun so we got drunk and broke up.  During the wedding, I get a call from Alejandro the Hot Guy from Argentina that he wanted to come to the wedding now.  My friend, the drunk Bride yells into my phone come to my wedding.  I told No Dance Guy that Alejandro is coming to dance that my drunk friend the Bride invited him.  No Dance Guy got mad at me.  I'm thinking why are you mad at me?  We already broke up and you won't dance.   No Dance Guy.  Red Flag.  The funny part about everything was I got into a bad car wreck the next night and now I can't dance.  Just give me a few days I will be back dancing.

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