Saturday, May 21, 2011

Red Flag "Stoner Guy Forgets My Name"

I have been dating this really sweet, cool, fun,  hippie Stoner guy.  It's going really well except he can't remember my name.  Red Flag.  Stoner Guy, stoned out of his mind, as he does a bong rip he calls me "Crystal"....then does another bong rip...calls me "Sky"... Wrong Name again.  Red Flag.  Stoner Guy does another hit of pot and calls me "Sapphire".  I'm just looking at him thinking I gave you three chances and you don't even remember my name.  Stoner Guy says "Oh, wait that's the girl from Playboy Magazine".  Red Flag.  Stoner Guy he's really sweet he always wants to make me dinner except it consists of a couple sunflower seeds, rocks, and leaves.  Then for dessert Stoner Guy always wants to feed me flax seed oil.  Have you ever tasted flax seed oil?  It looks like honey but it tastes like shit.  I'm thinking what does he think I am a car.  If I was a car,  I wouldn't run on oil or gas.  I would run on weed.  Who's with me?  If I was a car in Europe, I would run on chocolate, wine, and cheese and if you're in Ibiza then you're not driving.  You're dancing!  And probably naked if you're leaving the opening party of the Club Space.  If you leave the Club Space with your clothes on that's a major accomplishment.  Good times.  My favorite club is Pacha:)

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