Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Red Flag "Tired Guy"

I met this really cool guy Jeff at a beach party.  He was super fun, smart, cute, and loved to dance.  He invited me to play night golf with glow in the dark golf balls which was a blast.   Jeff got tired.  Tired Guy.  Red Flag.  Tired Guy asks me out the next night for dinner but I already had dinner plans with my cousins.  The next night, I am at Hennessey's for a drink with my cousins and Tired Guy is out on a date.  I can see Tired Guy from inside the restaurant and he can see me outside with my cousins.  Tired Guy turns his chair so if I didn't see him I couldn't see him now.  Red Flag.  Tired Guy's hiding from me because I busted him on a date.  Red Flag.  I didn't want to ruin my time with my cousins talking about Tired Guy on his date.  Red Flag.  The next day I was helping Tired Guy's roommate with a script.  Tired Guy wants to go to dinner.  I suggest Hennessey's since that was where he was hiding from me.  I couldn't talk to Tired Guy at dinner because he fell asleep.  Tired Guy.  Red Flag.  I can't go out with double dater Tired Guy.

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