Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Red Flag "Shady Rick"

I met this really cute Dutch guy Rick at 5 am at my friend's party.  Everyone is fun at 5 am.   I nicknamed the Dutch Guy Shady Rick  because he's from Amsterdam.  Shady Rick is so smart, talented, brilliant.  He got a DUI in his garage.  That's talent people.  Shady Rick does a line of coke on his dashboard.  The cop and I are looking at Shady Rick thinking that's not going to help your DUI.  I tell the cop Shady Rick's from Amsterdam.  My friends from Amsterdam forget drugs aren't legal here.  The cop asks him for his license and registration.  Shady Rick opens his dash compartment it's an Amsterdam coffee shop with shrooms, weed, hash, chocolate mushrooms.  Shady Rick gets a DUI in his garage.   Red Flag.  When your date ends because he goes to jail.  Red Flag.  Shady Rick wants me to pick him up at the local jail but I can't drive stick.  Too bad Shady Rick got deported something about an expired visa, eight ball, and too many DUI'S.  Shady Rick.  Red Flag.  

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