Thursday, June 30, 2011

Red Flag "Ugly Funny Guy"

I hate blind dates.  My friend sets me up with Ugly Guy.  Red Flag.  Wow, my friend must think I am really ugly.  This guy was so ugly but I didn't even care because he was so funny.  Alcohol makes everyone hot.  Ugly Funny Guy was so fun, smart, and funny I instantly loved this guy.  He lives in Burbank so far.  Red Flag.  Ugly Funny Guy takes me out to karaoke sing and he has a voice like Frank Sinatra.  Ugly Funny Guy transformed into this rock star.  There's something about a guy singing on stage that's hot.  Everyone was so good and he was taking voice lessons from Frank Sinatra's voice teachers, shouldn't they be dead already.  I can only sing by myself if there's bad competition or in a group so I don't clear out the bar.  Ugly Funny Guy tells me he can't go out with me again because I didn't karaoke sing.  Really, you are going to base the future of our relationship on the fact I didn't karaoke sing.  Red Flag. 

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