Monday, June 6, 2011

Red Flag "No Drive By Guy"

No Drive By Guy always talked about marriage, marriage, marriage, he wanted me to move in with him, get married, wear the family ring, be his wife but he tells me I can't drive by unannounced.  Who does he think he is?  The Prince of Wales?  No Drive By Guy.  Red Flag.  I was in No Drive By Guy's neighborhood and he got mad I stopped by unannounced.  Red Flag.  What is he afraid of me catching him shaving his pubic hair, masturbating, or dating a neighbor?  I took No Drive By Guy to my friend's birthday party.  No Drive By Guy was a social disaster.  Red Flag.  No Drive By Guy is one of those guys that is really sweet with you alone but you can't bring out in public.  Red Flag.  One night, I get out of a film event five minutes from No Drive By Guy's place so I stopped by with cookies and beer.  No Drive By Guy was furious I stopped by unannounced.  No Drive By Guy tells me he was not raised where people can stop by.  I was raised in a laid back family in California where everyone was welcome to stop by unannounced all the time.  I also lived in Hawaii and Argentina where everyone gets excited and happy to see you drive by unannounced.  I have never dated a guy where he got so upset because I drove by unannounced.  I can't date No Drive By Guy.  I'm spontaneous.  No Drive By Guy.  Red Flag.  

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