Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Red Flag "Columbian Illegal Alien"

I stayed too long in Europe once and I was an illegal alien.  I love dating illegal aliens.  My illegal aliens are really far Italy, Switzerland, Argentina, Holland.  I met this hot Latin guy from Columbia the other night.  He tells me he's an entrepreneur in Columbia that means he's a drug dealer.  Red Flag.  I stayed in Columbia when I was living and traveling in South America.  At this hotel they asked me if I wanted coke delivered to my room I'm so naive I thought they meant coke the drink so I said sure and then I had to tell them that was not the coke I ordered it's a drink.  Everyone in Columbia sold coke your hotel concierge, grandmas, priests.  

I'm thinking too bad he's a Columbian drug dealer he's so fun and cute.  I danced with the Columbian guy and he shows me his gun, not that gun, a shotgun that shoots off bullets.  Red Flag.  What does he think he's a rapper packing a shotgun?  Columbian guy said he only had one gun.  I told him my sister has 12 rifles and hunts in Africa.  Columbian Guy freaked out and left.  What a wuss? 

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